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This is a collection of handmade bracelets following the traditional designs of the Scandinavian Sámi tribes from the land called Sápmi above the arctic circle; we add our own style from today’s city life in Stockholm and get the mix of ethnic tradition and new design.

Nomadic Sámi tribes have populated this area long ago and still live side by side with nature.

The traditional Sámi handicraft, the duodji, has been developed for thousands and thousands of years in this landscape full of incredible beauty and inspiration as well as plenty of raw materials. The decorative braids on the bracelets are made of spun pewter and silver mixed together.



Almost all Sámi people have a relation to the fascinating reindeers. Their hides and horns have always been used for weapons, utility goods, tools and clothing.



In this collection by Littmarck the traditional, characteristic and beautiful elements: reindeer horn, reindeer leather and the spun silver and pewter thread is kept and some new elements are added. More color! More feeling! An exclusive sense of ethnic style & design based on nature and tradition.

This is a blend of an old tradition and living a new one...

Apart from the traditional reindeer leather the collection offers a great range of different kinds of dyed leather all named by numbers. The selection of colors is changing and developing depending on season or events. From its release the bracelets have been appreciated by stylists and celebs and have been spotted in the greatest fashion magazines.

The collection is inspired by the life in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and the archipelago surrounding it where sea life and sports are taking place all year round.